Areas of Expertise

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1) Early Intervention

2. Severe Speech Sound Disorders

Speech sound disorders

If your child has a severe speech sound disorder, you have probably already worked with multiple different SLPs. Stacey is highly experienced and trained to provide effective and evidence-based treatment for articulation, phonological, and motor speech disorders (e.g. apraxia). More info regarding apraxia HERE. Stacey is an accepted 2023 Apraxia-Kids Fellow for what is currently considered the most prestigiously regarded training in for childhood apraxia of speech.

Early Intervention

Stacey has 19 years of professional experience as an SLP. She has supported over 1,000 young children and families from all cultures, languages, and backgrounds across Los Angeles. Stacey collaborates with interdisciplinary professionals and she educates future SLPs in her role as a part-time university lecturer at CA State University East Bay. Stacey takes a strengths-based approach in order to prioritize every child’s social-emotional development. Stacey is the creator and founder of Coach2Coach, a worldwide professional learning community for therapists and teachers working in early intervention.