Available Services

Stacey is currently adding new clients on a consultation basis. Her highly trained speech therapists are available across L.A. county for weekly and ongoing therapy appointments with your child.  Please call 626.922.5275 or email: staceylandberg@speechtheraping.com to inquire about services

Ongoing Services:

  1. Consultation Services
  2. Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessments
  3. Speech-Language Therapy
  4. Tele-practice consulting
  5. Staff training to audiences between 20-120 clinicians and/or parents
  6. Accent Management support

Venmo, Check, Cash, & Zelle are acceptable payment methods

Stacey is not in-network for any health insurance plans at this time (insurance credentialing is a long process that we are currently working towards). A superbill is available upon request for insurance reimbursement as an out-of-network provider.