My Favorites

Here is my list of favorite resources to support communication between caregivers and their young children.

Baby Navigator

The resources here are abundant. I’m proud to be a former student to the iconic professors who developed Baby Navigator & Autism Navigator.

Talk with Me! The Big Book of Exclamations 2

“The Big Book of Exclamations” was written by a speech therapist and young children love it! It’s great for supporting early communicators!


Music, rhymes, and finger play routines are great for teaching language. This is my favorite library of free songs and rhymes


VROOM is an app intended for caregivers of young children. It’s free in Google Play & iOS stores. VROOM is available in both Spanish and English.

Teaching Social Communication to Children with Autism: A Manual for Parents

This is a fantastic book with evidence-based communication strategies which parents can easily implement into daily routines and activities (e.g. washing hands or putting on shoes). I use these strategies with ALL the families I work with -(not just children with autism)

Family Play Plans

These family play plans are wonderful for caregivers & professionals working in early intervention! These handouts seem like they were created just for life amidst a pandemic – but they weren’t (they’re several years old already). These creative and easy-to-implement handouts are available in English and Spanish.

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