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Stacey is currently booking talks for 2023.

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Past Presentations:

  • Sept. 2022-Ongoing: Coach2Coach (over 20 professional development workshops) More info HERE
  • Aug. 2022 – Tulare County Office of Education – EI Coaching & Routines Based Intervention (RBI)
  • July 2022 – Vision Loss Rehabilitation – Ontario, Canada – EI Coaching and RBI
  • April 12, 2022: Therapista, Inc. – EI Coaching and RBI
  • Feb. 17, 2022: Kids First, Inc. – EI Coaching and RBI
  • Jan. 14 & 28, 2022: Can we coach? Yes we can! (virtual) in partnership w/ Infant Dev. Assoc. of CA
  • Nov. 2021: Team ChatterBoxes, MA – Coaching and Routines Based Intervention
  • Oct. & Nov. 2021: CSUEB Guest Lecturer for Comm. Sciences and Disorders graduate students
  • 2021: California Speech-Language Hearing Association (CSHA): “Using Collaborative Coaching to Meet the Needs of Diverse Families in Early Intervention”
  • Sept. 2020-Nov. 2021: Coach2Coach series (virtual) in partnership with Infant Development Assoc. of CA
  • April 2021: Cal State Sacramento Guest Lecturer for Special Education graduate students
  • 5/21/21: Fresno Unified School District – EI Coaching and RBI part 3
  • 3/1/21: Therapista, Inc. – EI Coaching and RBI
  • 11/20/20: Fresno Unified School District – EI Coaching and RBI part 2
  • 8/14/20: Infant Development Association – Going Deeper with EI Coaching and RBI
  • 8/14/20: Fresno Unified School District – EI Coaching and RBI
  • 8/3/20: Santa Clara County Office of Education – EI Coaching and RBI
  • 7/24/20: Regional Center of Orange County – EI Coaching and RBI
  • 5/20/20: 2 hour webinar – Infant Development Association of CA (Coaching & RBI)
  • April 2020: 1 hour webinar – http://www.occupationaltherapy.com (Screen-Time)
  • December 2019: 2 hour lecture – Santa Clara County Office of Education (Coaching & RBI)
  • September 2019: 90 minutes webinar – sensationalbrain.com (Coaching & RBI)
  • June 2019: 1 hour webinar – http://www.speechpathology.com (Screen-Time)
  • August 2019: 90 minute lecture – UC Davis MIND Summer Institute (Coaching Caregivers)
  • August 2019:  Early Head Start Region 9 Conference (Multiple Courses)
  • April 2019: 2 hour lecture – Mississippi Speech Language Hearing Association (MSHA) (Autism)
  • March 2019: 1 hour lecture – Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (Autism)
  • March 2019: 3 hour lecture – RL Speech Therapy (Coaching & RBI)
  • Jan. 2019: 1 hour webinar – http://www.continued.com (coaching caregivers)
  • Jan. 2019: 6 hour – Los Angeles Unified School District (Screen-Time)
  • Nov. 2018: 6 hour – Orange County Public Schools workshop (Routines Based Intervention and Coaching)
  • Sept. 2018: 1 hour webinar – CA Early Start Support Network (Routines Based Intervention)
  • Sept. 2018: 2 hour lectures – Infant Development Association Annual Northern CA Conference, San Francisco (Autism & Screen Time)
  • June 2018: 6 hour workshop – Sensational Brain, Pasadena CA (Parent Coaching and Routines Based Intervention)
  • May 2018; 6 hour workshop – Sacramento County Office of Education (Parent Coaching and Routines Based Intervention)
  • March 2018; 2 hour lecture – Infant Development Association’s annual Northern CA Conference; Pasadena, CA (Routines Based Intervention)
  • March 2018; 6 hour workshop – Shasta County Office of Education & Far Northern Regional Center (Parent Coaching and Routines Based Intervention)
  • Feb. 2018; 5 hour workshop – San Andreas Regional Center (Parent Coaching &  Routines Based Intervention)
  • Nov. 2017; 1 hour lecture – American Speech-Language and Hearing Association annual convention; Los Angeles, CA (Autism)
  • Oct. 2017; 1.5 hour lecture – CSHA District 2 Conference, Sacramento, CA (Early Intervention Updates)
  • Sept. 2017; 2 hour lecture – Total Education Solutions Professional Development; South Pasadena, CA (Screen Time).
  • Sept. 2017; 2 hour lecture – Infant Development Association’s annual Northern CA convention; Sacramento, CA (Routines Based Intervention)
  • Sept. 2016; 2 hour presentation – Infant Development Association’s annual Northern CA convention; San Jose, CA (Screen Time)
  • Oct. 2016; 3 hour presentation – Young Child Expo; Spokane, WA (Screen Time)
  • Nov. 2016; 2 hour presentation – American Speech-Language and Hearing Association annual convention; Philadelphia, PA (Screen-Time)
  • Oct. 2016 to Oct. 2017 – Tri-Cities, WA; Spokane, WA; Towson, MD; Annapolis, MD; Chico, CA; Modesto, CA; Fresno, CA; Ontario, CA; Burbank, CA; Sacramento, CA; Reno, NV, Denver, CO (2); 6 hour workshops (Screen Time)
  • March 2015; 2 hour presentation – Infant Development Association’s annual Southern CA convention; San Diego, CA (Screen-Time)


  • Read a formal letter of recommendation HERE
  • “Stacey’s presentation on Routines-Based Intervention and Parent Coaching provides invaluable information to early education providers. I gained knowledge on assessment/interviews that guide therapy targets, functional goal writing, and strategies to coach parent based on their learning styles. Stacey has gathered current research and delivers an engaging presentation with information that you can immediately apply. I highly recommend this course to all early intervention providers.” – Alex Stewart, SLP
  • “I’ve gone “bagless” since your training, and I’m part of a team who is supporting the rest of our company in moving toward this same model.  Your training has completely changed my therapy, and in just a few short weeks, has begun to change the lives of several of my families. Thank you,” Alyssa Allen, B.S.-SLPA
  • “I found your presentation to be so interesting and it is really shifting my perspective on activities and joint attention!”
  • “I wanted to say thank you for your incredibly informative presentation at ASHA! I know you said you were nervous, but you did fantastic!  It was by far my favorite session because you gave me such a better understanding of why  I observe these behaviors in my clients every day!”
  • “My colleague and I were lucky enough to attend your ASHA presentation and really enjoyed it. I found the information informative and practical.”
  • “I truly enjoyed all of the information that you shared about the Default Mode Network. It was the perfect blend of science and application. Thank you”
  • “One of the BEST presentations I have ever attended”
  • “Stacey had outstanding knowledge in all areas she spoke about. She kept everyone engaged and was not boring at all”
  • “Dynamic presentation with personal stories, video clips, research, and handouts”
  • “Meaningful research findings presented on screen-time, most importantly resources to give caregivers on developmentally appropriate practices. I loved the handout chalked full of valuable information.
  • This presentation is the BEST training I have ever had on screen-time. It goes well beyond the NO SCREEN-TIME recommendations that frequently are not practiced by most families I serve.”
  • “In a day in age where technology is taking over, it is refreshing to hear someone so passionate about the subject and who feels empowered to learn more about how to use media in a more positive and interactive way.” 
  • “Terrific work about technology and practical application for mindful usage.”

Current course topics:

  • Early Intervention
  • Early Communication Strategies
  • Screen Time
  • Parent Coaching/Consulting/Routines Based Intervention

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