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Gain 12 months of access to Stacey's parent practice video library, which includes over 25 video examples of caregivers practicing early intervention strategies during home-visits (both virtual and in-person) with their own children. Intervention strategies and coaching strategies are named for each video clip. These videos can provide demonstrations to caregivers of specific intervention strategies and also give them a sense of what EI coaching and RBI looks like.

The following intervention strategies are demonstrated: Carrier phrases, offering choices, communication temptations, environmental arrangement, getting down on a child's level, joint media engagement, limited choices/portions, modeling, imitation (mirrored pacing), physical support, responsiveness, simplifying language, & waiting/pausing.

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All of these offerings are intended for early intervention professionals, across any discipline, and with any level of experience/training on routines based intervention and caregiver coaching. Please email with questions: