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Our Community of Practice (CoP) supports early intervention professionals with ongoing learning, resources, and a community of support.  Our CoP prioritizes routines-based intervention and caregiver coaching in order to support the social-emotional well being of children and families.  Our CoP is open to all professionals working in EI (including: OTs, PTs, SLPs, ECSE specialists, BCBAs, BIs, psychologists, nurses, etc.) who are looking to advance with their in-person & mobile coaching EI work.


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Professional Development Description: Researchers and experts in the field of early intervention repeatedly find that most therapists working in early intervention do not have specific training and knowledge related to best practice patterns for the provision of family-centered services as mandated by Part C of IDEA. Many practitioners working in early intervention find themselves reliant on traditional, child-centered therapy practices. These workshops describe and present evidence and demonstrations for using best practices in early intervention, more specifically:  using everyday activities and routines as a context for family-centered early intervention. Participants gain an understanding of how to implement coaching strategies and routines-based practices into their virtual and in-person home-visits. Tools are shared in order to help therapists increase their self-efficacy for supporting families through coaching and routines-based intervention.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Describe key characteristics of caregiver coaching and routines based intervention 
  2. Discuss at least three specific coaching strategies (e.g. reflection, problem solving, observation, feedback).
  3. Identify two ways to effectively use video modeling and review with families
  4. Identify at least 2 resources for obtaining more information for additional learning related to best practices in early intervention

ASHA CEUS for participation are sponsored by California University of East Bay at an additional cost ($40 per SLP). LEARN MORE HERE.

Each month early interventionists volunteer to review, reflect, and problem-solve on their home visits by sharing home-visit videos in order to support our collective growth and learning through Coach2Coach (C2C) practice. All subscribers are invited to attend each month while your subscription is valid. Volunteering videos is not required.

 HERE is our upcoming C2C schedule.

The video below is a snippet from our Nov. 2020 Coach2Coach event.  All events are recorded and stored for future viewing (available while your subscription is active).

This subscription group is owned and run by Stacey Landberg.  Stacey has spent 15+ years working with families through E.I. home visiting in Los Angeles.  She collaborates with researchers in order to disseminate evidence related to family-centered practice. Stacey has trained E.I. providers, agencies, regional centers, and COEs on early intervention topics (e.g. coaching, RBI, autism, screen-time) since 2015.  In August 2020, this CoP was born through a generous partnership with the Infant Development Association of CA (IDA) in order to urgently support early intervention providers with their transition to mobile coaching. The need continues as we (home visitors) increase our self-efficacy, expand our routines based intervention and coaching skills, and sustain our long-term growth through this CoP! Click HERE to read Stacey’s bio and dislcosures related to this subscription.

Testimonial: “Stacey began working with our group practice in early 2019. She provided our team an in-person training on Routines Based Intervention (RBI) and helped us implement RBI into teletherapy.  From the very beginning, Stacey was extremely knowledgeable in Routines Based Intervention and created an atmosphere that encouraged open dialogue and questions in order to best understand this family-centered approach.  Stacey’s training was custom fit to our team’s needs and she took the time to hear potential challenges and concerns and help us brainstorm creative solutions. We love working with Stacey as she is a pioneer in her field and truly is passionate about helping others succeed in this area of intervention!”  – Ryan Landinguin SLP

Monthly newsletters summarize the new resources and trainings that have been recently added for subscribers. Our private facebook group & google site house a video library of Stacey’s webinars, recorded C2C events, and video examples of parents practices EI strategies (allowing you to use video examples with parents during your OWN home visits). 


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CURRENT COST FOR each 6 month Subscription:

  If you have a financial hardship, please CONTACT Stacey for scholarship opportunities.

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